Graduation and beyond

I graduated with my Associates Degree in Psychology this past May 2017. To say that I am proud of myself for earning that degree is an understatement. Ten years ago I was basically a completely different person. Approaching my graduation, I was under so much pressure. Actually, I put a lot of pressure on myself….

Find your reason WHY

Sometimes in our lives, we come to a point where we must pursue the things that truly make us happy. We have to step out of our comfort zones and go after dreams we never imagined. When you reach that point, nothing will get in your way. You will want to tell everyone WHY. WHY you…

Before and After

My dental implants are in and the vibes surrounding me couldn’t be better. The tears began to flow as everything was being officially implanted. I reminded myself that we all go through different struggles and this specific struggle for me was an extremely difficult one to endure. I chose a year ago to find a…

Time for my implants

I don’t remember having my teeth taken out. The first time was at some dentist office in Texas. Then Chicago, then in Colorado. I don’t remember how many got pulled out every time either or in what year this whole process even started. I have 5 front-bottom missing teeth and I am now 28 years-old….

Daddy’s Little Girl

Today, I walked out of my community college here in Colorado with my cap and gown in hand. I was happy. I was excited. While walking out to my car,  the girl in front of me was making a phone call. A few seconds later, I hear her say, “Hi dad, guess what?! I got  100% on…


The experiences of yesterday, makes me more thankful for today

What is your focus?

If you don’t take an inventory of what it is you are focusing on and working towards, will you ever really get there?

Motivational moment

To be motivated to me is more than just waking up in the morning, going to work, and cooking dinner. To be motivated to me means to always have something positive to replace the negative. To work towards being better than i was the day before. To deal with my emotions in more helpful ways….

How to tackle your to do list: Tackle it Tuesday

Alright people, today is tackle it Tuesday! Tackle by definition means to make determined efforts to deal with. Do you have to do lists, bills to pay, errands to run, or goals you want to accomplish? What in the hell are you waiting for? You are promised how much time on this earth? Is time…