a little intro into my past and my present

I am on this journey. It’s a scary one. I want to be a motivational and positive living coach. I am graduating with my associates degree in psychology this coming May. I feel extremely accomplished in regards to this degree because college was not something I really saw for myself after high school. Sometimes I say, well it’s just an associated degree, but then I remind myself where I am and where I was. I was a gymnast in my early years, then decided to become a cheerleader so i could be more social. Booooy was that a crazy change. I began partying more and before you knew it, I was kicked off of the J.V cheer squad 6 weeks into my junior year of high school. I completed high school at an alternative school, which now I can say I am thankful to have attended. At the time, I was angry to be removed from my school but now realize it was a good thing. During and after high school I partied, I got myself a felony!, I was on probation, I got off probation, then moved away from Texas to be closer to my brothers and then moved to Colorado to be with that ONE. That ONE incredible guy I dated back in and after high school for a bit. For him I am thankful. My best friend. This life has not been an easy one but somewhere along the way I changed. I look back and ask myself how in the hell did I get so bad? How did my addictive personality take over me? A once sociable little gymnast turned into a “badass” drug addict cheerleader, turned motivational positive living coach?

This journey is a crazy one but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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