You are not alone

Whether it be to your best friend, boyfriend, parent, sibling, or a online chat forum, when you feel down, you need to talk to someone. Reach out to the people around you. Believe it or not you are not alone. As you walk down the street or ride the subway to work in the morning, you are surrounded by thousands of people who are feeling down. Whether they are depressed due to their most recent break up or just disappointed with where they are in their lives, everyone is experiencing some sort of negative vibe in their life. You are not alone.

Reach out to anyone. You are worth it. You deserve to live a life full of joy. Yes, there will be setbacks but as long as you keep your chin up and continue to plan and goal set for your future there is nothing holding you back from achieving whatever it is you want to achieve. Believing in yourself and having others surrounding you who believe in you is necessary. Talking to others when you struggle allows you to set yourself up for success in this life as well as achieving and becoming more than you were yesterday.

There are times when you may feel there is nobody you want to reach out to. At these times, some people really enjoy listening to music or reading a book. For instance, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, is an awesome book which I believe can help us find the true motivation we have to be better within ourselves. Find that book that motivates you and speaks to you. This is a great way to relax and begin building up your confidence and excitement for the future again. When all sense of motivation is lost, reach out to something or someone, don’t stand alone! You are not alone! REACH OUT!

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