3 ways to start your day

When you wake up in the morning, do you have a routine or certain things that help you to feel good at the start of your day? I wanted to suggest 3 ways to wake up and get your day started out right to be more motivated throughout the day.

My #1 is a healthy, well-rounded breakfast. Seriously guys…it is soooo important to get your day started with a nutritious meal. Personally, 2 eggs, preferrably organic and cage free, a banana most definitely and some berries. Some people prefer fruit and yogurt or toast and avocado, which are great too! Do not neglect the fact that your body needs food to fuel you.

Second must to get your day started right is get a good nights sleep! If you don’t sleep your mind cant process information as quickly and accurately as it should and you are sure not to retain any of it.

Third, wake up with that positive attitude. That mindset where nobody can mess with you. You are so mentally strong and focused on your day being great that nothing and nobody and negatively influence you.
Please feel free to comment with what helps you to get your day started off right!

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