What is your focus?

I feel like sometimes we don’t consider what it is we are choosing to do everyday. Yes, we have boundaries, laws etc. that limit us from doing some things but for the most part, we have the freedom to do anything, to be anything. We know what it is that we need, like food, water, shelter and we know what we want or what we think we want. When you sit down and ask yourself what your schedule looks like, does it excite you? Do you look at it and go, this is ideal! This is the way I want to live? If not, why? why are you doing this to yourself?

I beg you to ask yourself the question, “Can I put plans into place that can allow me to enjoy my schedule and my life more than I currently am?” I think it is important, to not just say, “yes, but I have bills to pay.” I realize this. But I am asking you to put plans into place, not quit your job if you are not able to financially support yourself.

Begin brainstorming other things you would like to do with your time, whether it be going on a weekend adventure, starting your first business, or going back to school for the first time in 15 years? Do you not believe that you deserve more? YOU SHOULD!

Ask yourself  questions that push you to think about what YOU want!

Choose to grow and expand your ideas into more than you ever imagined they could be. Do not choose to blame others for failures. Learn from mistakes and learn from your accomplishments. You must take control of your thoughts and how you choose to challenge yourself. Ask yourself realistically where you want to go and who you want to be and get there!

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