Before and After

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My dental implants are in and the vibes surrounding me couldn’t be better. The tears began to flow as everything was being officially implanted. I reminded myself that we all go through different struggles and this specific struggle for me was an extremely difficult one to endure. I chose a year ago to find a way to change the way things were. I worked my ass off serving and bartending and putting away money while in college to be able to get this done.

I sat down with a woman last year who actually ended up being allowed to grant discounts to a few patients of her choosing. She chose to award me the 30% discount which allowed me the chance to only finance a few thousand and straight out pay for the rest with what I had saved. For her, I am so very thankful. I saw her today as I left the office and hugged her and gave thanks to her. She said she has never had anyone so grateful for the discount. I don’t get that. How can others not fall to their knees and thank her? She gave me a chance to rise above it all. I remember sitting in her office feeling defeated a year ago. She said she believed I deserved the discount and that I was a good person who was trying to create a better life for myself. I still feel like she was just an angel sent for me, she believed in me and the person I was striving to become.

I struggled as I worked in the service industry going through my different surgeries and appointments. Being able to smile is something that I feel is very important in a restaurant to make others feel welcomed. I would go into work some days only to be asked to taste test different food menu items. Little did everyone know, I was dodging having to go near the food because I would have to remove my retainer if I wanted to eat. The inner battles I had regarding not telling or telling others about my teeth were some of my most difficult. I am beyond grateful to sit here today with my five bottom front teeth implanted and unable to be removed. There are no holes or spaces between my teeth and I can now smile with confidence.

More than ever I am ready to help others feel motivated and positive about their lives. Move away from drug addiction, depression, and negative thinking and look forward to creating a better you. Make the decision to change the things you do not like about yourself and your life and get to work. Nothing in this life will fix itself. You have to be conscious of what you want and go for it. Don’t’ question it.

As a motivational life coach, I want to empower others to realize their true potential. Open your mind up to the fact that you are not stuck, and you are capable of accomplishing and achieving so much in this life. There will be different situations that will bring you down but it’s about standing up and facing those events, learning from them and growing from them.



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