Find your reason WHY

Sometimes in our lives, we come to a point where we must pursue the things that truly make us happy. We have to step out of our comfort zones and go after dreams we never imagined. When you reach that point, nothing will get in your way. You will want to tell everyone WHY. WHY you wake up every morning and the reason WHY you can’t necessarily go to sleep at night. You will brainstorm, write down notes, criticize your own ideas and then outdo the last  idea you had constantly. Finding your WHY is such an amazing experience. Realize that it is a good thing when you have to keep secrets about what you have cooking in your world because you want it to be amazing when it finally goes public. Mindset is everything and a plan to stay focused is most definitely a requirement. Find your reason WHY so that you can be excited and passionate about the work that you pursue in your life.

Don’t doubt yourself. Go for it. For no other reason you deserve to experience it all. Yes, failure is scary, but each time we get knocked down we have to get back up. Continue going after your goals and make them a reality. When you wake up one day and realize you know exactly WHY you did all that you did, there will be no better feeling.

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