Finding the motivation and staying consistent in doing what we have to do on a daily basis can be difficult. For me it is all about eating the right foods and at the right times as well as finding that balance between working to pay the bills and starting my company, Fit Chik Apparel. I have made some gigantic steps in the right direction over the past months since leaving the restaurant industry and I still can’t believe I don’t work as a server anymore. It is totally bittersweet.

I decided that I wanted the time freedom when it came to work and play so that I could be the one who decided what all my day involved rather than someone telling me what time I needed to be clocked in and when I could be “cut” from the shift. Working as an Uber and Lyft driver is something I never thought I would do but I will say I do enjoy meeting many different people from all walks of life during my driving time. I also tend to only work during the days so that keeps me away from all the drama of the drunk passengers at night. Thank goodness. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad there is a car service out there to help keep people safe but I want nothing to do with it. I have heard horrible stories and appreciate that many people seem to totally understand why I choose not to work the late night hours.

When I’m not out driving trying to pay the constant steady flow of bills, I am on my laptop working on my something really exciting! Fit Chik Apparel is something I have stayed consistent in pursuing over these last months and I asked myself the other day…why? Why is it so important at this point in mylife? I knew the answer immediately and it was simple.

I started going to school for nursing, then switched over to psychology. I always new I wanted to help people but I didn’t know how I wanted to help them. Was it physically, like if someone got into a car accident or got sick, or was it mentally? Well, I quickly figured out that I did not want to be a nurse and so I switched over to a psychology major. After graduating this past May I quickly began to realize that continuing to go to school wasn’t what I wanted and neither was graduating one day and going to work for someone else’s company. I wanted something of my own, something that I was going to be passionate about. Fit Chik Apparel will be giving back to different communities, organizations, and charities. I don’t want to spoil myself, I want to help others. I am going to have several women share their stories of overcoming difficult times in their lives, such as drug addiction, eating disorders, self-worth and body image issues, etc. Really anything! What I envision is that these stories will inspire and motivate other women to pursue their passions and find their version of a fit life. No matter where you have been, where you are or where you are going, you can do anything you set your mind to.

This all leads me to consistency. In a few shorts months, I established my LLC, began purchasing and receiving samples from designers out of China and Pakistan, hired someone to create my logo, and have now bought my website domain and have started putting all of the pieces together. Finding the road I wanted to travel down wasn’t easy,  but there will always be haters and if there is something important to you… you will go for it.

When we are consistent with pursuing our goals, we will surprise ourselves at the progress that can be made.

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