Reasons to Have a Planner and Schedule

Every year, I get excited to buy a new planner. It’s a fresh start, a fresh year. Keeping a planner and a schedule is very helpful if you are wanting to hold yourself accountable. I write down the places I want to go to have on certain days, the appointments I need to keep on others, and then the necessary time to go to the gym my mental and physical health and then grocery store so I’m always prepared for my busiest days.

The following are a list of reasons I have for keeping a planner and a schedule for myself.

  • Accountability
  • Time freedom
  • Clear plan of action
  • small steps add up to accomplishing your goals
  • will stay away from bad influences and habits

I love that the planner and schedule is your own. You can write and scratch out whatever doesn’t work for you. A planner allows for me to see that my schedule is a balance of my personal life and my business life. We want time freedom from all of the craziness of life but sometimes we are so busy all of the time that we have to set specific times aside that we intend only on focusing on ourselves. Having a planner means seeing a clear plan of action. Knowing and planning out ahead of time what steps come next in anything like…studying for that final exam, signing your kid up for daycare next year, starting your own business, etc. will help you to accomplish your goals. Small steps over time lead us to success, it’s all about consistency. Sometimes in my planner, I write down what I plan on having for lunch or dinner over the next week. Doing this keeps me away from choosing to eat out or grabbing a quick snack before I get home.

I had hesitated writing this blog because it seems so basic, but I realized that not everyone has been keeping a planner since before the 6th grade. While I haven’t always written down everything I do, I find it more and more helpful as I get older and have more “adulating” to do.  These are just a few of the reasons I can suggest purchasing or making a planner and schedule for yourself to try to stick to. Hope you enjoyed!

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